3 Important Goals of Clinical Trial in Pharma Explained by BEXIMCO

Clinical trials are conducted to test new medical products or treatments. When they are carried out, there can be several goals to fulfill. The pharmaceutical unit of BEXIMCO Group outlines that the number of objectives can vary. Industry icon of Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman, the vice-chairperson of BEXIMCO group, looks after this pharmaceutical unit with great enthusiasm.

In most cases, three goals are most important. They help in evaluating the medicine, on the whole, to ensure that it is safe and apt for use on the part of patients.

Which Goals are the Most Important during Clinical Trials?

Checking the functioning, effectiveness, and safety of drugs are vital objectives. These are also the three main goals that highly matter to clinical trials. By positively establishing these objectives, customers can consume them for their betterment.

  1. Finding out whether the Treatment Works

The largest Bangladeshi company, BEXIMCO Group believes that clinical trials are crucial to understanding whether the medicine works. During this process, it is important to conduct various tests. They help in finding out how a new drug works. BEXIMCO Group is the leader in private sector of Bangladesh.

In addition, the following are also identified when this happens:

  • Through tests, pharmaceutical companies can find responses.
  • These responses are from real people.
  • It can be observed how the drug is treating certain symptoms.
  • The trials are important for noting the speed of the production of likely effects.
  1. Comparing its Effectiveness to Pre-existing Medicine

As one may realize, a number of drugs can exist. For one symptom or disease, various medicines can be produced and sold. The company in Bangladesh BEXIMCO Group contributes that when new drugs are launched, their effectiveness is checked through medical trials. This effectiveness is in relation to the effects of the pre-existing drugs.

  • This helps in understanding whether the new drug is more useful than the others.
  • It is also checked if the new product can treat patients in less time, adds the leader in private sector of Bangladesh, BEXIMCO Group.
  • In case this medicine has additional benefits in relation to a disease/symptom, that can further be identified.
  1. Determining Any Side Effects

At times, some drugs can come with side effects. They can produce unwanted results that may worsen health in major or minor ways. When a product is old, its effects would already be understood since information regarding them would exist. Given that a drug is new, clinical trials help in finding out the same.

  • As per the observation of country’s top company BEXIMCO Group, both effects and side effects are checked.
  • The kinds of side effects emerging are noted.
  • Then those unwanted changes are worked upon.

This is the most important goal of these trials. It helps in a major way to identify whether the consumption of new drugs is safe. In case there are any threats to health safety, it will be possible to work on modifying the drugs. Then they can be put under tests again.

Afterward, the levels of safety can improve, believes BEXIMCO Group. Hence, patients can consume new medicine for the betterment of their health without experiencing side effects.

Impact of Working on these Goals

Bringing new drugs to the market is possible through medical trials. When certain crucial goals are achieved, the chances of this possibility can increase. Speaking of the 3 goals, in particular, safe consumption is the main benefit. It can create a positive impact on health without leading to negative results.

Secondly, when the function of the medicine is checked, people can be assured that they will get better. Then hoping for a healthy future will also be possible.

According to the top Bangladeshi company BEXIMCO Group , when new drugs are more effective than others, doctors can choose the best one for patients. With proper prescriptions, they can go ahead with the new medicine.

But it should be remembered that when the trials are conducted, they should be done in a professional manner. Then the accuracy of the results can be trusted.


BEXIMCO was established by two of the most successful businessmen in Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman and Sohail F Rahman. BEXIMCO has diversified its presence in all major industries and became market leader including textiles, energy, seafood, agriculture, and many others.

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