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Blue World City has launched 4.5 Marla Residential Plots


The blue world city Islamabad is one of the popular under construction real estate project in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. A lot of real estate investors are keen about investing here because of its best facilities. Also it is quite near to some of the popular surroundings that are most visited by people of the city. The developers of this project are offering best quality living standards to all their investors and inhabitants. After all of the paperwork and NOC approval, the developers are launching 4.5 Marla Blue World City Awami residential plots.

Location and Map

The location is among the usual factors that makes this housing project worthy of investment. Vast majority of the real estate investors feature that all residents and investors look for before investing in any property. Therefore, the developers are developing a perfect and easily accessible location. Moreover, the location of this project is at Chakri Road on Chakri Interchange, right next to M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. New Islamabad International Airport and under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road are some popular places close to this new block.


The entire master plan of this residential venture is adorable with many services. Furthermore, there are various blocks and plots that are now available to meet the requirement of real estate the investors and the inhabitants. Some of them are as follows:

Residential Plots: The genuine sizes of the residential properties begin from 4.5 marlas to 2 Kanal of total land area.

Commercial Plots: The commercial plots range around 5 marlas to eight marlas

Farmhouse: The main size of farmhouses range from 4 and 8 Kanal.

Payment plan

The Blue World City Awami Residential Block payment plan of this recently launched resident plot is still in the development procedure. However, as per the new updates, the overall rate of 4.5 marlas plots is PKR 875000/-. Other than that, the investors need to pay the downpayment right before the initiation of buying process. And the payable down payment is PKR 87500/-. In order to help the investors belonging to diverse socio-economic backgrounds, developers are providing option of an instalment program as there is a proposal of four-year plan for ease of the investors.

Advantages of investment in Blue World City 4.5 Marla Residential Plots?

The advantages of investing capital in this plot are abundant, amongst them are mentioned below

Budget-Friendly Plots

The payment plan shows that the plots are easily affordable according to the facilities it has to offer. Apart from that, the developers have a mission to provide homes to investors from various economic backgrounds. Also, it is going to be beneficial with time, as the overall value of this venture might increase with time.

Ideal Location

The location of these plots is one of the most ideal feature as one can easily reach here from vital sites like Islamabad International Airport, under construction Rawalpindi Ring Road and M2 Islamabad Lahore Motorway. Moreover, it is locatable in between the twin cities, which makes one of the best real estate investment choices for the residents of twin cities. With its perfect location, one can assure that this project looks promising.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The owners of this housing project are trying their best to offer high-quality infrastructure to the residents by working hard for it. Moreover, the developers are following some international urban town planning standards to add more charm and serenity to the entire block.

Facilities & Features

The main concern of the owners is to offer world class living facilities to their residents and the investors. Moreover, the housing block has would be offering plenty of benefits from basics to luxuries. Along with that, there will be the delivery of schools, colleges, healthcare centers, electricity, water, gas, grounds, theme parks, foodstuffs, shops, mosques, commercial zones, and a fully secured gated society.


The new construction of 4.5 Marla residential plots in blue world city is good thing about a plot size. Furthermore, these plots are purchasable at an affordable range of price with an option of yearly instalment program. Apart from that, the location and the amenities are of world class, and it adds quality to lives of residents. Also, the entire project follows global town planning standards to attain state of the art infrastructure. Therefore, investment in this block would be beneficial and a valuable aspect of real estate investment. If yu want to know more updates about the plots about purchasing and selling in the blue world city, you should view the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

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