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List of Airtel Prepaid Recharge Plans Under Rs. 199

Airtel prepaid offers are among the oldest and most widely utilized mobile data packs. Many of you may be aware of its notion because it has been around for the longest period in the market. However, some consumers are still unfamiliar with the operation of prepaid plans.

Bharti Airtel, a leading telecom provider, has reintroduced the Airtel prepaid offers under Rs 199 for its clients after momentarily removing it from its plans catalog. To name a few differences, the current data and validity perks of this online mobile recharge of Rs 199 Airtel prepaid plan differ from what was previously available. Previously, the Airtel Rs 199 prepaid package featured 1GB of daily data and 24 days of service. The carrier later changed the idea to include 1.5GB of daily data. And now, Airtel has changed the plan options to, among other things, extend the validity to 30 days.

Some Airtel prepaid offers plans cost 65, 98, 99, 149, and 199 rupees. Customers may therefore select from a wide range of prepaid recharge programs.

Airtel Prepaid Recharge Plans Under Rs. 199 are listed below:

  • Prepaid Recharge Package from Airtel starting at Rs 65

Airtel’s new 65 prepaid online phone recharge package has a 28-day validity period. It provides 1GB of 2G/3G data for the duration of the validity term. According to Airtel’s official website, the 65 plan is only accessible in a few circles. According to the telecom provider, this prepaid recharge plan does not include voice calling or SMS features.

  • Prepaid Recharge Package from Airtel starting at Rs 98

This Airtel online recharge pack includes 5 GB of data for 28 days. The most recent installment in this series is Airtel’s all-new 98 prepaid recharge package. Subscribers should be aware that, unlike other plans, Airtel’s 98 plan only provides 2G and 3G of data, not 4G.

  • Prepaid Recharge Package from Airtel starting at Rs 99

Airtel is now said to be giving SMS advantages with its Rs 99 prepaid plan, which is also the best prepaid with SMS perks. The Airtel Rs 99 prepaid recharge includes 24 days of validity, 1GB of data, 100 SMS per day, and unlimited local and national calls to all networks. Airtel Xstream, Wynk Music, and Zee5 Premium are also available for free to users.

  • Prepaid Recharge Package from Airtel starting at Rs 149

Airtel’s prepaid recharge plan includes 1 GB of data per day. Thus, the maximum data available in this package is 28 GB. Local, STD, and international calls are free, as are 100 SMS a day. This Airtel prepaid recharge plan is good for 28 days. Only valid on 4G H/S (handset) and 4G SIM. That implies Airtel users who have a 4G handset and a 4G mobile SIM card will be able to take advantage of the 149 recharge package.

  • Prepaid Recharge Package from Airtel starting at Rs. 155

Previously, the Airtel unlimited calling plan 99 was the most affordable, however, pricing has now altered. Airtel’s most inexpensive unlimited calling package in India starts at 155 rupees. This airtel package includes 1 GB of data per month as well as unlimited calling to any local or STD phone in India. This online phone recharge includes Wynk Music subscriptions as well as free Hello Tunes. This is the best one-month Airtel unlimited calling package for 24 days.

  • Prepaid Recharge Package from Airtel starting at Rs 179

For Airtel prepaid users, the Rs 179 Airtel recharge is available for 28 days. This plan includes unlimited voice calls (local/STD) to all networks, a daily SMS quota of 100, 2GB of data, free membership to Wynk Music, and unrestricted access to Hellotunes.

  • Prepaid Recharge Package from Airtel starting at Rs 199

Airtel’s Rs 199 prepaid recharge package includes unlimited phone calls and 3GB of total internet access. In terms of SMS advantages, the plan includes 300 SMS messages, of which only 100 may be sent in a single day. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the data limit is reached, the user will be charged 50p per MB. The package also includes a free Wynk Music membership.


Last month, telecom companies announced pricing increases for their prepaid programs. With the increase in rates, these online phone recharge also lowered the perks associated with entry-level programs. Airtel prepaid offers are now giving SMS advantages with its prepaid recharge plans starting at Rs 99, making it the cheapest prepaid plan to offer bundled SMS benefits. Using Bajaj Finserv to recharge the best-prepaid recharge package that includes a data booster for ultrafast 4G speeds. Examine online mobile recharge options that include unlimited data connection and calling.

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