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If you are considering starting your own business and searching on the internet to develop your own business strategies, you must have come across the term “NOR” often. This must have made you wonder what it is and what it does. When you are planning your business strategy, it’s essential to know about NORSTRAT and its role in building a successful business. It’s a big name in the world of business support organizations that provides a comprehensive range of services to assist small and medium-sized business enterprises in developing their business growth strategies. 

Whether it’s about doing market research, making financial planning or technical and training support, NORSTRAT programs can cover all of them to improve your business skills and knowledge. This is just a scratch at the surface of what NORSTRAT can do for you. Let’s learn about its services’ value and robust strategies in detail below. 

What is this NORSTRAT concept?

NORSTRAT is a consulting firm in Canada that operates in the front line of the industry sector. Its business concept is designed to assist clients with their specific business objectives and legal obligations. The primary objective of Norstrat is to support and guide businesses with their campaign strategies and planning robust business strategies that comply with the Canadian Northern Strategy. 

This strategy refers to the Canadian government initiatives and plans regarding economic promotions and uplifting social developments. This is what has brought forward Canada today as a developed nation. The Northern Strategy aims to implement sustainable and inclusive growth of organizations in various sectors established in Canada’s Northern region.  

Today Norstrat has obtained over $200M in Canadian contracts with this impressive strategy. It primarily focuses only on big government-funded infrastructure projects. However, its goal remains unchanged to assist its customers, whether government, private or public organizations, to navigate through project complexities to meet the Canadian Northern Strategy. 

A brief History of the NORSTRAT company

NORSTRAT was established in 2010 and led by Lee Carson through a partnership between the Canadian armed forces and government officials. In a little over a decade, the company has come a long way from a small consulting expertise to expanding to the United States. Now it’s a well-known and established fully integrated communications consultant company for business organizations to rely on its conventional promoting and digital marketing strategies, telecommunication, and public relations services. 

Moreover, businesses that are new in the market can take assistance from Norstrat for establishing their business strategies and guidance with their development. The company employs experienced professionals to specialize in campaign strategies and business planning. 

Norstrat consultants compile technical information on the benefits such systems offer to their clients and the business case for various uses. Many of them were experienced in the procedures and processes involved in asking for federal help because they had previously worked for government organizations. Other companies developed their own business cases, which enabled them to provide clients with complete information and modify it to suit different types of companies. The end result was typically a stronger package.

Objectives of Norstrat

  • Protect corporate image
  • Offer promotional support
  • Access to NORSTRAT Consulting Incorporated’s security personnel
  • Giving Public Relations Exposure to its Strategic Partners
  • Provide internships from the top military and law enforcement schools in Canada
  • All marketing materials produced by Norstrat, including stationery like letterhead and business cards, are included in advertising.
  • A unique persona within the Northern Strategy Community that you can use for marketing your business or organization.

How does Norstrat Consulting operate?

Norstrat works to put the aspects of the Canadian Northern Strategy into action, primarily assisting corporate growth and development. By laying the groundwork for their client’s business vision or growth, they support their customers’ vision and startup plans and guide them toward achieving their goals. 

Each client receives counsel tailored precisely to their needs, taking into account both personal and professional objectives. This guarantees that professional advice is provided based on each client’s needs and vision while taking into account how they might advance on the ladder by using the appropriate northern strategy.

Norstrat aims to lead businesses to success and long-term growth by helping their clients develop and plan accordingly to venture into the Canadian Northern business sector. This will not only pave the way for a higher-growing business sector but will also support and contribute to the vision of the government’s northern strategy.

What are the services provided by NORSTRAT?

As you know, Norstrat is a fully integrated comprehensive service provider communications consultancy firm; it provides a wide range of services. The company is composed of strategic consulting industry professionals experienced in various industries to assist its clients with every aspect of brand building. C

lients can also expect assistance in customer acquisition and retention strategies for product launches. The Norstrat consultants can give access to a plethora of expertise working in the public sector, government, lobbying, campaign planning, political strategy and management. Here are some highlighted services you can apply for if you require reliable business consulting service from Norstrat:

  • Account Planning and Development Services

While entering a new market, businesses must build a strategic plan for improving value-driven relationships with key customers for an account planning process that can bring in maximum revenue potential. Norstrat gives access to consultant professionals and analytical tools to do market research. 

One of the major techniques for establishing a successful business is comparing marketing initiatives with respect to sales performances to realize the impact of business metrics. Norstrat has a distinctive Creative Briefing Center that helps form an innovative strategy for account planning. 

  • Consultation and financial services

Norstrat also offers businesses financial consultancy services. Expert financial consultants can give clients advice on how to invest their business finances, get loans, etc. Organizations can define their strategy by identifying business opportunities with improved financial planning. 

Norstrat has helped world-renowned business corporations with its cutting-edge strategies, like Johnson & Johnson, the Government of Canada, Pfizer, and the National Bank of Canada. They may also provide innovative solutions based on the demands of the client thanks to their knowledge and expertise in industries like pharmaceutical and financial services. The company’s many knowledgeable consultants will assist you in any way when it comes to finances and applying for government schemes.

  • Services associated with Advertising

The Brand Metrics software program from the NPD organization is a great solution for making marketing analyses and other marketing instruments when working with Norstrat. Many other tools and advertising techniques can be used to determine how your customers respond to your advertisements and detect the areas for improvement in your promotional strategies. Clients can access these tools and apply for funding from Norstrat Inc., which collaborates with several non-profit organizations for marketing. 

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

Norstrat recognizes the abundance of the digital sphere and its future prospects. In the digital marketing sphere, new opportunities come up every day. Hence, Norstrat operates within a strict framework to enhance its overall digital capabilities. Similarly, businesses should also craft their digital strategies carefully. 

If the need for digital marketing strategies is not addressed properly for business today, it might not survive in the long run. Norstrat can help businesses establish this strategy to control their brand’s future with ideal resources customized for their business. 

  • Training in Strategic Business Development

Norstrat provides counseling for personal development with various training programs, seminars, and workshops. The program known as Partnership and Leadership is one of the popular options. During this intensive nine-month program, participants can learn about strategic consulting. New business participants can choose which field they want training to improve their ability to make wise business decisions. Other training programs Norstrat conducts you can channel into are:

  1. Programs for business coaching
  2. Leadership development program
  3. Workshops for professional development
  4. Program for executive coaching
  • Seamless communication and collaboration solution

Norstrat facilitates communication with clients and customers with network-based email and phone services. Fortunately, there is a multi-office system of the company that enables collaboration with a range of partners. You can build a virtual phone network and use it to make calls using Norstar’s VoIP services. For companies that require secure communications, this service is a suitable choice.

  • Risk Minimization Services

When it comes to risk consultants, they use their expertise in business, finance and mathematics to assist businesses in eliminating and decreasing risk while performing business operations, taking financial decisions, and taking on technological business processes. Since no business is immune to risks, Norstrat has risk minimization services in place to provide appropriate risk minimization strategies according to your business requirements and take your business on exponential growth. 

Additional services you can expect Norstrat to offer you are:

  • Bid and proposal support
  • Cabinet memorandum preparation
  • Procurement strategy development
  • Performance requirement specifications
  • Northern Strategy campaigns strategic consulting
  • Presentation of subject matter expertise service

NORSTRAT expertise

The Norstrat expertise in implementing northern strategy. With decades of experience, you can expect Norstrat strategies implementation in business development would hardly fail. Here is some expertise of Norstrat:

  • Business Growth Expertise

Norstrat ranks as a top for business growth expertise and a successful corporation trusted by federal government sectors. They provided cutting-edge operational techniques and full-prove comprehensive administrative development.

  • Project Management Expertise

With handling a variety of projects operating in the fully integrated consultancy industry, Norstrat has now become one of the top-notch project managers. 

  • The expertise in Focused Capital projects

Norstrat has successfully completed Maritime Coastal Defense vessels, Radarsat and Radarsat II, making them experts in Focused Capital projects. 

What’s Norstrat Express?

Another popular service of Norstrat is “Norstrat Express.” People can access consumer panels and prefer the target audiences they want to use Norstrat Express for. It can be described as providing insights within an hour. Some of its features are:

  • Swift results access

More than 500 respondents are available to you, and you get the statistically-driven data within an hour.

  • Quick set up

Simply clicking the button produces immediate results after a brief setup.

  • Self-service process

Norstrat Express is an excellent and simple self-service option that allows for quick and hassle-free survey creation. 

  • Low cost

It is a very cost-effective automated self-service option.


The Norstrat consultant company may offer you the desired services you are looking for to develop your business strategies to achieve goals in various packages. The official website would avail a range of service package information. You can choose one that matches your requirements. Now you have a general idea of what NORSTRAT consultant does and how its strategic approaches can empower your business strategies to meet goals efficiently. 


  • How can Norstrat offer help?

Norstrat consultants help the customer understand the government’s Northern Strategy and identify major and relevant stakeholders with shared knowledge on all crucial opportunities and issues related to expanding infrastructure. Its service can always provide you with a tailored assistance package for each of its client’s needs. 

  • Where is Norstrat located?

It is an Ottawa-based organization that shares facilities with a number of federal departments and agencies with obligations and jurisdictions in the North. NorStrat’s headquarters is in The Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, Canada’s national representative organization defending the government’s rights and interests. One can reach Norstrat in Ottawa from Europe, the US and all of Canada through flight connections. 

  • Can I collaborate with Norstrat?

Yes, Norstrat can assist you, regardless of your business size, in formulating a business plan and any other consultation requirements. The core competencies of Norstrat include digital marketing, public relations, food and beverage PR, and social media optimization. If your company requires any of these services, you should definitely think about working with them.

  • What infrastructure is established for Norstrat consultancy services?

It is a significant effort and infrastructure project sponsored by the Canadian federal government. Satellites, defense systems, telecommunication, social initiatives, and investments are all a part of infrastructure projects.

  • What Does Norstrat do?

Norstrat provides assistance to those in charge of constructing the necessary infrastructure in the North and other components of Canada’s Northern Strategy.

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