Quick Fix: iTunes Error in 2 Min

In this blog post, we are here to help you troubleshoot the error on the iTunes music listening app. When users come across this glitch, it is usually accompanied with a warning message saying “itunes can’t verify the identity of the server”

We all must have heard about the iTunes application which is known for its reliable roles as – Media player, Media library, and Media Manager. It is mainly developed by Apple for playing, downloading, and organizing digital multimedia on personal computers running macOS and Windows, etc. This app is used for playing media files, getting in-store items, managing media files, and downloading songs.

Every technology can be a boon or curse for the public. It involves both pros and cons which should be considered in a balanced way rather than criticizing. Same as with iTunes though from being popular among Apple users as a media player it came across a server-related error which needs to be solved to offer ease of functioning to all users. This issue sometimes states iTunes can’t connect to the iPhone.

Such interruptions are always mood-spoiling. What if you are listening to your favorite song? Or engaged in something exciting or crucial?

What is MzStatic on iTunes?

It is one of Apple’s cloud storage servers. Apple uses this server address to store all image and media-related data of iTunes and other apps. It is an online storage or web server that your iPhone utilizes for downloading the media files. It also stores all information and data of your iTunes music and store app. When your iTunes app fails to establish a connection between this server and your device, it will return with the error that you are experiencing on your end.

Unable to verify the identity of Why Does this Error Warning Appear?

Though errors in using any app are common nowadays it can be because of many reasons –

●    iTunes could not connect well because of an unknown error.

●    Maybe there is an invalid response from the device.

●    Maybe there are errors occurred while reaching to device.

●    iTunes is not updated or you are using an old version.

●    Maybe because of the wrong authorization.

●    Encountering any system flaws.

Whatever the reasons are, we can’t let your entertainment or work slow down like this. Let’s explore some potential solutions which will surely help you to analyze the problem.

We understand the type of issues users encountered while using iTunes. Sometimes music keeps on stopping or more than that error comes up in a way. However, Apple mzstatic server error is not like a critical problem, but yes it points out the issue that iTunes is unable to communicate with servers. It usually disrupts the working of iTunes for users. It can also lead to the stopping of working of your phone and iTunes app.

Other Causes of the Error

●    Security vulnerabilities where there may be involvement of a third party or app which causes a threat to users’ apps.

●    iTunes has been repeatedly accused of being software bloated. Though it has various serious attacks on windows. 

●    Running out of memory, most of the errors occur, when the user’s phone has not had enough space to use other apps, which causes chaos with other apps, it’s time to delete some wasteful files or apps.

●    Internet connection plays a crucial role to fetch the best results of whatever you want the app to serve you.

●    Other apps disrupt in the background – sometimes some apps are interfering with the working of your music apps, which causes an error.

●    Outdated no. Of cache or temporary files. Large and cache files can be a problem for iTunes, leading to a disbalance in working and management.

●    System flaws 

Maybe the issue lies in your system or app trying to update or restart it.

Simple Solutions for iTunes Cannot Verify MzStatic Server

All of these problems can be quite strenuous to verify. Though nothing is impossible when it comes to technology, it’s just the different ways you acquire to solve them –

  • Restart the app 

The foremost and easiest step you can do is to restart the app. It can be done by fully closing the app from your system and then restarting the application.

  • Reforming proper reset 

Going for a reset can help you to remove minor issues from your device. This can be done by holding down the power button and selecting the start option. Wait for the process to fully complete while you are in motion.

  • Keep on checking the internet connection 

Not only music streaming apps but also other apps require a stable, strong internet connection to work effectively. Poor network connectivity can cause issues like – buffering, pausing, or error on your screen.

Eg. While using Instagram when there is no network you come across the word ” Dismiss”. Using a suitable wifi connection is important but if going for a mobile network, make sure it is well connected to apps. Allow data usage with data saver on options.

  • You should clear the app cache 

Clearing the app cache can be a crucial step in fixing the problem of the mzstatic iTunes server. It will quickly resolve the ongoing music glitch which is paused randomly.

  • Set time and date correctly 

In most of the moments when the time and date of your system do not match, the app stops and shows an error on the screen. For that, you can check both these things to be set in the right manner or can also turn on the set time automatically.

  • Using an effective Virus removal to fix the iTunes server

An antivirus could be a cure for it, so there should be no point in waiting for second thoughts. Sometimes using malware removal tools is beneficial. You can use the free version of the tool on your device by simply downloading it. To maintain the security of your phone you can close other applications before using it.

  • Reinstall iTunes or get an updated version 

Reinstalling and updating always helps in always for both android and iPhone users. Make sure to install the latest version of iTunes. You can simply go to settings and choose to uninstall.


There is nothing that can be considered “Hassle-free” these days. ALAS! We have the technology and skilled ways to make the best use of it. However, this problem is resolvable now with various solutions majorly assembled for our potential users.

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