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How to Get Mods on Google Snake

Who doesn’t love online games? We always want to try something thrilling, exciting, and enjoyable when it comes to gaming. Do you remember the snake game we used to play on keypad phones when there were no innovations like android or smartphones? One such game is Google Snake, similar to the one we use to play on Nokia phones. Now, as with technology proliferation, we can search for this game easily on Google and have quick access.

Thanks to innovations, this new Google Snake game now has features like maps, themes, and sound. Many users wish to know how to get mods on Google Snake. This blog is specially written to provide solutions for gamers’ queries. 

How to Use Mods on Google Snake? 

Follow the simple steps as given –

  • As a first step, download the Menu of mods file for the Google Snake game.
  • Click on MoreMenu.HTML.
  • This will result in downloading Google Snake on your system.
  • In the chrome browser, move to use the chrome shortcut. 
  • Ctrl shift+ O to open manager.
  • Click on options to choose import bookmark.
  • Choose the More Menu.HTML file you got in the first step.
  • By this, you will google the snake game mod menu on the chrome browser.
  • It will be shown on imported bookmarks.
  • You can search google snake in Google. Click play to start the game. 
  • On the settings page, in the top right corner. 
  • View the imported folder. 
  • Click on More Menu Stuff. 
  • You will get snake game mods automatically on search engines. Here you will get exciting features like Dark effects, sound quality, maps, colourful themes, animated colours, etc.  
  • You can also remove mods if you don’t want them in your game. 

Coolest Mods for Google Snake You Can Try

Here we will list some mods with dark and light themes: 

  • Cheese mod 
  • Snake Wall Endgame Sooner 
  • Twin Mod 

Here you can get ample variety in themes, colours, and difficulty levels the way you wish. 

  • Classic Mode
  • Blender Mode
  • Peaceful Mode
  • Portal Mode 
  • Sokoban Mode


The Snake game has always been my all-time favourite. It is the best childhood memory we always want to relive again. The game has always been interesting and played widely by kids on simple Nokia.

As with innovations, we can now get more enhanced sources to enjoy games with new features. The blog offers relevant information related to using mods in snake games and reaching the level you wished in your game.

Just like we enjoy the Google Snake game, we also listen to music using the iTunes application, but it may stop working sometimes due to some reasons. If you ever experience any error on iTunes, try to fix them by exploring solutions online. Keep playing, keep enjoying.

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