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How to Batch Convert OLM to EML/EMLX with or without Attachments

OLM is a file format used by Outlook for mac to save email data in offline mode. As it is a mac format, it cannot be accessed on windows OS. So various windows users have this query of how to access OLM file data in windows OS. As a solution to this query, it is recommended to convert OLM to EML. As EML format is used by various email clients to store different mailbox items. As well as it is easily accessible on any OS.

This write-up is a comprehensive guide on a manual solution to export Mac Outlook files to EML on Mac. However, you can also go with the professional OLM Converter for Mac to boost the conversion process. Before jumping to the solutions section, let us check out some prime reasons for this conversion.

What is the Need to Convert OLM to EML?

There are various reasons to transfer OLM file data to EMLX file format. However, the following are some prime reasons.

  • EML files are easily accessible with different web browsers.
  • It is easy to switch between email platforms. 
  • This file format is widely compatible with all operating systems.
  • It supports multiple applications like a text editor, Apple TextEdit, and more.

After evaluating the reasons, it’s time to proceed further with the easy-to-use solution users are looking for.

How Do I Convert Outlook to EML?

There are two solutions to convert Outlook OLM files to EML on Mac i.e. a manual solution and a manual solution. To start with we will first elaborate on the manual solution, after that we will proceed ahead with the professional solution.

Method to Convert OLM to EML Manually

There is no extract manual solution to perform this conversion process. However, users can still make use of the common drag-and-drop method. In this method, you have to select a particular email file. After that leave that particular email on the desktop, and it will save the result in EML/EMLX format.

It is a mandate to go through the limitations of the above solution to reach the best decision.

Downsides of the Native Solution

  • This is a very time-taking and long approach to conversion.
  • You will have to keep repeating the process until you convert all emails into EML/EMLX format.
  • You cannot bulk-export Mac Outlook files to EML.
  • The solution can be hectic for novice users.

To eliminate these drawbacks, we recommend starting to use the given automated solution.

Automated Solution to Transfer OLM File Data to EMLX

MacSonik OLM Converter Tool is a perfect solution to quickly and smoothly accomplish the given conversion. It is a 100% effective solution that guarantees results with the original data hierarchy. Any user can make use of this utility because of its interactive GUI. To know more about this solution, go along the given steps.

Steps to Convert Outlook OLM File to EML

  1. Download and Launch the MacSonik OLM Converter.
  2. Tap on the Add Files button to add the required OLM files.
  3. From the tree-structured list pick the folders that you want to convert.
  4. Choose EML/EMLX as a saving format from the save-as menu.
  5. Apply the required built-in features of the tool.
  6. Finally, tap on the Convert button to start the conversion.

You will also get an option to convert OLM to MBOX, PDF, CSV, and various file formats as well as email clients.


Converting OLM to EML on Mac is a relatively simple process, as long as you have the correct solution. With the right solution, you can easily convert OLM to EML format in just a few simple steps. We have gone with the manual solution first but because of its limitations, it is recommended to switch to a professional solution. This will allow you to access your emails on any device or platform that supports EML, making it easier to share your emails with others.

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